Woman Uses Superhero Alter Ego and Killer Sense of Humor to Manage Tourette's

Jessica Thom's memories of handling Tourette Syndrom goes back to when she was 6 years-old, though her symptoms intensified in her early 20s. It was then that she developed Coprolalia, "the uncontrollable use of obscene words that effects only 10% of Touretters." She's now made it her goal to educate others on… »4/25/12 5:40pm4/25/12 5:40pm


Teenage Tourette's Sufferers Say What's On Their Minds

Above is a clip from a British documentary Teenage Tourette's Camp, which aired a few years ago on ITV. While it's hard not to laugh when someone utters curse words at random, we understand that these kids have a disorder. Still, we're a little bit jealous, because it seems like they're able to get away with saying … »11/30/07 7:00pm11/30/07 7:00pm