Would You Rather Be Cheated On With A Girl Or A Guy?

Obviously, nobody wants the person they're dating to cheat on them. It's shitty to be deceived and lied to. And even though we know that the cheater is to blame, sometimes, we can't help but feel major feelings of inadequacyin our weaker moments. But does the degree of insult and injury vary depending on what sex… » 1/08/08 1:00pm 1/08/08 1:00pm

Would You Rather Have A Baby Or Herpes?

Sex can come with many consequences, but some are more manageable than others, depending on the person. We asked girls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—a neighborhood notorious for its STDs—if, given the choice right now, they'd rather give birth to and raise a child, or contract herpes. It's a tough call, as both are… » 11/09/07 12:00pm 11/09/07 12:00pm

How Much Time Should Women Spend In Prison For Having Abortions?

There's one Anna in publishing that we admire, and her name is Quindlen, not Wintour. The former NY Times Op-Ed columnist and current Newsweek contributor has a fascinating story in the latest issue of the newsweekly about a video created by the peace-and-justice activist group AtCenterNetwork, in which anti-abortion… » 7/31/07 2:18pm 7/31/07 2:18pm