'Golden Child' Plotted to Kill Parents After They Learned She Failed Out

In January of this year, a 28-year-old Toronto woman named Jennifer Pan was sentenced to life in prison after hiring hit men to kill her parents. This weekend, Toronto Life uncovered the bizarre, fascinating story behind Pan’s crime. She managed to conceal for years that she’d failed out of high school and wasn’t… »7/27/15 11:45am7/27/15 11:45am


Columnist Figures Out the Worst Possible Way to Introduce an Article About Sexual Assault

All you aspiring reporters out there looking for your first big scoops, take careful note: your lede is very important. How important? By this point, three-quarters of the people who were reading this post just tuned out and pulled up Buzzfeed so they could scroll through "The 46 Things Your Cat Doesn't Want You to… »1/19/13 4:30pm1/19/13 4:30pm