Meet Winnie, a Very Rare French Bulldog/Mollusk Hybrid

This is Winnie, a French bulldog dressed impeccably as escargot at the 23rd annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Winnie would totally say hello to everyone, but, according to Winnie's owner Luca, she won 10th place in yesterday's dog costume contest, which means that saying hello to strangers on the internet… »10/27/13 12:30pm10/27/13 12:30pm


The Best Costumes From The Tompkins Square Dog Parade

This past Saturday, the 21st annual Dog Halloween Parade took place in New York City's Tompkins Square Park and let me tell you, the economic downturn had no effect on this year's extravagant costumes. Okay, well, there was an Occupy Wall Street Dog, as seen above. Click through to see who took home first place, as… »10/24/11 7:20pm10/24/11 7:20pm