"Eight Years Ago You Promised To Restore Dignity To The White House...Brilliant Appearance On Deal Or No Deal!

Gaiety! Bacchanalia! Food shortages! The White House Correspondents Dinner happened over the weekend. "One of the most hideous events I've ever been to," decreed Ruper Everett (of the cinematic gem The Next-Best Thing. Megan went. So did Heidi and Spencer and Pete Wentz. Megan recognized Donatella Versace, but not… »4/28/08 10:00am4/28/08 10:00am


Tom Friedman: Younger Generation Should Be More Cynical, Like Paris Hilton

The NY Times' Tom Friedman wrote a column today on how the younger generation is colossally clueless and terrifyingly sanguine about how fucked we are on account of his generation, possibly because we are so pumped full of seratonin all the time. But as usual, Mr. Fixit Friedman that he is, Tom gives "Gen Q" a few… »10/10/07 12:30pm10/10/07 12:30pm