MySpace Trial: Jurors Wanted A Harsher Sentence For Lori Drew

25-year old Valentina Kunasz, thejJury forewoman in the recently-wrapped Lori Drew trial, says she can't stop thinking about Megan Meier. "I still have dreams about the testimony," Kunasz admits, according to Wired. Because of her emotional reaction, Kunasz says that she and the other jurors wanted to convict Drew of… »12/02/08 9:30am12/02/08 9:30am

Megan Meier's Mother Talks To Today About MySpace Verdict

Tina Meier was on the Today show this morning to discuss last week's verdict in the case against Lori Drew for harassing her daughter on MySpace. Though Drew was only convicted of three misdemeanors, but found not guilty of felony hacking charges, Meier says she still feels going through the trial was worth it. "It is… »12/01/08 12:00pm12/01/08 12:00pm

MySpace Trial, Day 4: Sarah Drew Says Megan "Was My Best Friend"

Yesterday marked the final day of testimony in the trial of Lori Drew, which may set precedent in cases of cyberfraud and social networking. Today at 9 a.m. a jury of six men and six women »11/25/08 9:30am11/25/08 9:30am will convene to decide the fate of Ms. Drew, whose online bullying of Megan Meier allegedly violated the MySpace terms of use and…

MySpace Trial, Day 2: Lori Drew Says, "It's Not Like I Pulled The Trigger"

Yesterday was Day 2 of Lori Drew's federal trial for cyberfraud in the tormenting of 13-year-old suicide victim Megan Meier. Day 1 focused on the emotional testimony »11/21/08 9:30am11/21/08 9:30am of Megan's mom, Tina, who described her daughter's depression and last words. Day 2 involved Tina's cross examination by defense lawyer H. Dean Steward…