Thomas Kinkade's Wife Files Restraining Order Against Thomas Kinkade's…

Yay! More tasty dark corners in the saga of mysteriously deceased fake-art huckster Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light (also Groper of Light, Public Urinator of Light, Drunk Driver of Light, and Siegfried & Roy Magic Tiger Show Disruptor of Light). At the time when he became suddenly and mysteriously dead (of Light),… » 4/23/12 2:40pm 4/23/12 2:40pm

Bad Art

Thomas Kinkade, whose saccharine oeuvre has appalled aesthetes at malls across the country, has been ordered to pay $2.1 million to a pair of gallery owners who say the "painter of light" scammed them out of their life's savings. [SFGate] » 6/18/09 11:40am 6/18/09 11:40am