Parsing The Obama Ipod As Told To Rolling Stone: The Blog Equivalent…

There are two kinds of good things in this world, according to my friend Don. There are the Irrefutables, and then, there are the things where you're like "You think you're soooooooooo cool, but you can't deny…" The irrefutables are, you know, just that. (Obama's race speech. Exile In Guyville. Thomas Frank's call for a… » 6/25/08 10:00am 6/25/08 10:00am

Does Karl Rove Covet Barack Obama's Beautiful Debutante Wife?

"Even if you never met him, you know this guy. He's the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by." That, we're pretty sure you've heard already, is Karl Rove's gimlet eyed character assessment of… » 6/24/08 10:30am 6/24/08 10:30am

"This Is Not The Scott We Know…"

  • Technology is not our friend today, so we'll make this short.
  • Dana Perino used the word "puzzled" to describe the Bush Administration's reaction to Scott McClellan's takedown, which is funny because, as we "reported" earlier, he used the word "puzzled" to describe his reaction to President Bush's puzzlement over the fact…
» 5/28/08 5:30pm 5/28/08 5:30pm