Why Do People Hate "The Pregnant Man" So Much?

Barbara Walters' special with Thomas Beatie, "the pregnant man," aired on Friday night. His situation is unique in that he was born a woman, legally became a man, but other than having his breasts removed, he did not have sex reassignment surgery, so his uterus was still available when his wife was unable to conceive… »11/17/08 11:00am11/17/08 11:00am

Barbara Walters Explains The Mechanics Of Transgender Sex

Barbara Walters' special 20/20 »11/14/08 1:00pm11/14/08 1:00pm interview with Thomas Beatie, "the pregnant man," is airing tonight, and on today, while plugging the show, she was asked a lot of questions by the panel, including one about sex. Babs then went into detail on how it actually happens. Thomas takes hormones, which made his clitoris…

Thomas Beatie Gives Birth • Pro-Choice Doctor To Receive Canada's Highest Honor

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie gave birth to baby girl today via Cesarean natural birth! Congrats! • Two prominent female activists from the group Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise have been detained for 6 weeks for peacefully protesting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. • A Canadian doctor and Holocaust survivor who… »7/03/08 5:20pm7/03/08 5:20pm

The Brave New World Of Gender Nonconformity: Pregnant Men

The concept of gender in mainstream culture is becoming less conservative by the day. Of course it's not like being at Smith, but when Benny Ninja can vogue his little butt off on a graffiti-ed stage with a bunch of drag queens during prime time and no one bats an eyelash, you know things have come pretty far since … »3/20/08 6:00pm3/20/08 6:00pm