Romney's Campaign Calls Women's Issues Nothing But 'Shiny Objects' of…

In their neverending quest to alienate the lady voters of America, Romney's campaign took another giant (mis)step toward accomplishing the goal of having only one woman cast her vote for Mitt in November. (Ann Romney is nothing if not loyal to dear Mittens.) Romney's senior campaign advisor Eric Fehrnstrom was on… » 6/03/12 11:55pm 6/03/12 11:55pm

Michele Bachmann Leads The Fight Against Answering Questions

If it's Sunday, it's time for another heroically delusional morning news show performance from our favorite GOP gal, Michele Bachmann. This time she faced off with Christiane Amanpour on This Week. Strangely enough the two women are wearing almost the exact same outfit, which makes this appearance rather like an… » 10/30/11 5:05pm 10/30/11 5:05pm

What To Do About Christiane Amanpour's Low Ratings

Christiane Amanpour's ratings on This Week are generally not impressive. Could it be that hair? One women's group proposes a solution (and it's not a haircut). » 10/14/10 3:58pm 10/14/10 3:58pm

Amanpour Presses Pelosi, Insists On Controversial Haircut

Was Christiane Amanpour's debut on This Week a promising break from the "clubby, old-boy focus on domestic news," or is she a "globe-trotting Fancy-Pants" who might be rooting for the Taliban? Depends on which paper you're reading. » 8/02/10 10:57am 8/02/10 10:57am

The Not-Very-Convincing Case Against Christiane Amanpour

In critiquing the choice of Christiane Amanpour as the new host of This Week, the Washington Post's TV critic, Tom Shales, puts it rather baldly: "Many others deserve it more than she does." » 3/23/10 3:40pm 3/23/10 3:40pm

Christiane Amanpour To Host This Week

As the new moderator of This Week, Christiane Amanpour will be the sole female host of a Sunday network talk show. And that's just one of many reasons to be excited. » 3/18/10 5:00pm 3/18/10 5:00pm