The Middle Ground Between Chick Lit And Manfiction

There is a ton of chick lit in the world because those pink covers sell like hotcakes, but as Stephen King points out in his current Entertainment Weekly » 10/14/08 4:40pm 10/14/08 4:40pm column, there's still a for meaty ''manfiction.'' "Here's a concept so simple it's easy to miss," King says. "What men want from an Elmore Leonard novel is exactly…

Susan Casey Is Not Chick Lit

Could someone give us a career (and a set of cojones) like writer Susan Casey so we can quit this dadblamed shitshow and hang out in farflung locales with hot guys? Casey, we hear, has just signed a $1 million deal to write a book with surfer (and husband of Gabrielle Reece) Laird Hamilton about "the science of giant… » 5/09/07 3:44pm 5/09/07 3:44pm