Retiring NARAL President Worried Young Women Don't Care Enough About Their Rights

Nancy Keenan has been the President of the country's oldest abortion rights organization since 2004 and yesterday, she announced that at the end of the year, she'll be stepping down. At 60, she's concerned that the sun is setting on her generation of women's rights leaders, that it's time to hand the reins over to the… »5/11/12 5:40pm5/11/12 5:40pm


Radar Writer: Palin Is Popular Because Young Feminists "Dropped The Torch"

Feminists! We don't like Sarah Palin. »10/02/08 1:40pm10/02/08 1:40pm (Other "types" of women , according to .) Of course, many men viscerally dislike the gun-toting Alaskan Governor, but talking about is boring and doesn't conjure up images of mud wrestling. Over on website, scribe Robert Lanham tries to argue that many women dislike Sarah Palin…