Are Men Attracted to What They Think Other Men Approve Of?

Can we change the sort of person to whom we're attracted? That question comes up again and again in discussions about sexuality and culture, most infamously around the issue of whether gay and lesbian people can "become straight." But it's not just the malleability of sexual orientation that's open to debate. A more… »5/10/12 6:30pm5/10/12 6:30pm


'Underweight' Models Banned in Israeli Advertisements

In the past few years, we've heard rumblings of different laws in different countries, with the same goal: To keep advertisers and magazines from using super-skinny models. In France, Parliament voted in favor of a bill that outlaws "publicly inciting extreme thinness." An ad in the UK was banned because the model had… »3/20/12 12:15pm3/20/12 12:15pm