Why Think Like A Man Topped the Box Office Again and The Five-Year Engagement Bombed

Once again, Think Like A Man was number one at the box office this weekend. The flick, based on the insulting self-help book by comedian Steve Harvey, only cost about $12 million to make, yet has already earned $60 million. What's interesting is that some folks didn't see this coming. Grady Smith, who writes the… »4/30/12 12:55pm4/30/12 12:55pm

Steve Harvey Book Commercial Think Like a Man Wins the Weekend Box Office

For the first time in four weeks, Hunger Games was not number one at the box office this weekend. That honor went to ridiculous rom-com Think Like a Man, the movie based on a self-help book by Steve Harvey. With an impressive $33 million debut, this movie features some fine actors, black people and white people … »4/23/12 11:40am4/23/12 11:40am

Think Like A Man Is Everything That Is Wrong With The World And Will Make You Want To Stab Your Eyeballs With A Fork

There are so many things wrong with the trailer — and the concept — for the movie Think Like A Man, it's hard to know where to start. Should we start with the fact that woman-beating convicted felon Chris Brown has been cast in a romantic comedy? Should we start with the fact that Steve Harvey, a comedian and not a… »12/13/11 6:30pm12/13/11 6:30pm