Michael Bay's Remake of The Birds Is Going to Suck Ass

In life, there are few things one can predict with accuracy, even after years of training. Just ask a financial analyst who works for 80 hours a week studying the intricacies of stock price movement only to finally manage a fund that consistently underperforms the market. Just ask a couple divorcing after 30 years of… »3/13/14 4:45pm3/13/14 4:45pm


Rethinking the Blow Job: Condoms or Gonorrhea? Take Your Pick

Gonorrhea — also known as "the clap," possibly because doctors used to believe the sexually transmitted infection was treatable by slamming a heavy object down on one's penis (yes, really) — is the second most commonly reported infectious disease in the United States, after chlamydia. And it's on the rise, with the… »9/27/12 11:35am9/27/12 11:35am