Sarah Left Women's Magazines To Try And Learn "Why They Hate Us." She Could Use A Drink.

Meet Sarah. She used to live in New York and cover fashion for women's magazines. Then she moved to Yemen. What's Yemen? Just a little country where prisoners go to when they get released from Guantanamo, where Al Qaeda is like the Beatles, where eight-year-olds have to go to court to get their own divorces and where… »4/16/08 3:00pm4/16/08 3:00pm

The Ground Rules For Wifebeating, Brought To You By The Yemen Times

"This title may sound strange, but it's actually not just a way to attract readers to the topic," writes one Maged Thabet Al-Kholidy in the Yemen Times, which we totally read all the time even if Maged hadn't decided to call his piece "There Must Be Violence Against Women." Because he's not kidding! Maged, who writes… »1/04/08 2:00pm1/04/08 2:00pm