A Word To The Wise: If You're Still Dealing With The Aftermath Of…

We'll say it again: God bless the message boards of TheKnot.com. If not for it, where would poor, tormented brides like "Mrowdy" have to go to work out their like reallyreallyreally big problems with a community of anonymous frenemies? See, "Mrowdy" is getting married and having, like, 20 gajillion attendants in her… » 6/05/07 2:51pm 6/05/07 2:51pm

Hipsters Moving Towards Marriage Need... A 7-Speed Blender?

Thank god for TheKnot.com. They really do think of everything! Including a helpful "lifestyle" quiz that allows a girl to figure out, well, what her "lifestyle" is, in case she isn't quite sure. (Straight? Gay? Better decide before you get married!) But imagine our disappointment when we discovered the quiz is… » 5/31/07 12:05pm 5/31/07 12:05pm