What's A Bride To Do When Her Caterer Is An Anti-Semitic Asshole?

The Knot.com's messageboards bring us yet another bride in crisis. Poor Dawn-Marie! Her post on the "Planning & Etiquette" messageboard is titled please help :( and she writes: »1/14/08 3:30pm1/14/08 3:30pm

But wait, there's more! Well! This post really does deal with both planning etiquette! Our advice to poor Dawn-Marie? She should have…


A Word To The Wise: If You're Still Dealing With The Aftermath Of High-School Hook-Ups, You Probably Shouldn't Be Getting Hitched

We'll say it again: God bless the message boards of TheKnot.com. If not for it, where would poor, tormented brides like "Mrowdy" have to go to work out their like reallyreallyreally big problems with a community of anonymous frenemies? See, "Mrowdy" is getting married and having, like, 20 gajillion attendants in her… »6/05/07 2:51pm6/05/07 2:51pm