What Happens When You Remove All of the Women From a Small Town?

The Week The Women Went, a "social experiment" — in which all of the women are removed from a small town, and a camera crew films the results — has been done for CBC Television in Canada and for the BBC Three. Now, Americans can find out what happens when ladies leave, men stop being polite… and start getting real. Or… »7/27/12 2:30pm7/27/12 2:30pm


Women In Tiny Town Leave Household Duties To Their Husbands

According to Reuters, 70% of Canadian households are run by women, and most of those women are also holding down full-time jobs. The Canadian national channel, the CBC, is using these statistics as the backbone for a forthcoming special called The Week The Women Went, based on a BBC documentary of the same name. CBC… »1/25/08 9:30am1/25/08 9:30am