Recession Drives Women To Leave Their Jobs, Examine The Dopeness And…

I drank too much last night. What, I'm not supposed to tell you the truth all the time anymore? Look, that is my role in this economy, you can take it or leave it, and sure, there are truth-tellers out there who don't have any alcohol dependency issues, but if they try to tell you they have no dependency issues, my… » 7/22/08 5:00pm 7/22/08 5:00pm

Letterman: Mary-Kate Olsen Talks Trash On Spencer Pratt

Mary-Kate Olsen was on Letterman last night, to promote The Wackness — the movie in which she makes out with Ben Kingsley — and she was kind of awesome. She talked about how she went to high school with Spencer Pratt and it was clear that she never really liked him. She was ready to really dish with Dave about it.… » 6/27/08 11:00am 6/27/08 11:00am

This Week There Were A Lot Of Pregnant Teens Up In Here

Josh Peck Is Teh Hotness In The Wackness

I have such a soft wet spot for the suburban poseur guys some would call "Jew wiggers." Former Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh star Josh Peck plays one in The Wackness, and he grew up to be so HOT. (Seriously, who would've thought? He's the one on the right here.) The film takes place in 1994 in Manhattan, and while… » 6/19/08 3:00pm 6/19/08 3:00pm