Jezebel Crashes The Tyra Show's Vaginas Episode

The greatly anticipated "What's Up Down There" episode of Tyra aired yesterday. Well, it was greatly anticipated by us because three members of the Jezebel staff were in the studio audience. And you can totally see us, too! Sometimes we look bored, sometimes we're giving stank face, and at one point we're openly… » 11/06/07 1:50pm 11/06/07 1:50pm

OMG! The Tyra Vajayjay Episode Airs Monday!

So remember how some of the Jezebel staff attended a Tyra taping about a month ago? It's finally airing on Monday. Called "What's Up Down There," the entire show is a progressive discussion about vaginas — or rather, that's what TyTy told us it would be. But you know how she do — it was more like "Vaginas for… » 11/02/07 3:30pm 11/02/07 3:30pm

Do You Shoot The Shit During A Pelvic Exam?

Do you find yourself engaged in mindless small talk during a gynecological exam? Like about the weather, or the office decor, or really anything, so long as it takes your mind off the fact that there's someone poking around in your privates? Well, you're not alone. Don Gabor, author of Speaking Your Mind in 101… » 10/10/07 8:00pm 10/10/07 8:00pm