Hotel That Inspired The Shining Plans to Dig Up Its Pet Cemetery

An old pet cemetery resting on the grounds of the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining will soon be dug up to make room for a "wedding and corporate retreat pavilion." » 9/28/13 4:00pm 9/28/13 4:00pm

Stephen King Hates The Shining Because It’s Misogynistic

It’s no secret that Stephen King, award-winning writer of terrible sex scenes and, much to the continued consternation of Harold Bloom, increasingly an elder statesman of American arts and letters, fucking hated what Stanley Kubrick did to The Shining, which is a really, really good book about how insane it is to be a… » 9/21/13 12:30pm 9/21/13 12:30pm

Egypt Considers Allowing Men to Have Sex with Their Dead Wives' Bodies…

A sane person asking themselves the question "Should a man be allowed to have sex with his dead wife's body?" would likely answer in a way that ranged from a calm but immediate "No." to an emphatic, shouted "JESUS LAST DANCE OF MARY JANE CHRIST NO!" But these are not sane times. And the thought leaders in the Egyptian… » 4/25/12 4:40pm 4/25/12 4:40pm

Halloween For Wimps

Halloween is a time to embrace the spooky, the creepy, the frightening that Hollywood's most twisted minds have to offer. But what if you, like me, are a big fucking wimp about all things horror? » 10/30/10 5:50pm 10/30/10 5:50pm

American Apparel's Rejected Halloween Costume Ideas

American Apparel posted some handy Halloween costume ideas recently — but we hear that the company left out a bunch it had already styled and shot. Well. We have all the costumes that American Apparel didn't want you to see. » 10/18/10 4:40pm 10/18/10 4:40pm

A Totally Arbitrary List Of The Best Horror Movies Ever

And by "the best," I mean "my favorites." Let me add right now that I dislike all of the following: monsters, killer animals, aliens, vampires, zombies, serial killers. So, none of those are represented. Moving on: » 10/28/09 4:30pm 10/28/09 4:30pm

Small But Memorable Roles

For many horror films, it only takes a brief scene, image, or insignificant character to set the "scary level" for the whole film. Three small roles played by women in three big horror films are the stuff that kept me afraid of the dark until, well, I guess I still am a little bit afraid of the dark. Because you… » 10/31/07 8:15pm 10/31/07 8:15pm