Why Bristol Palin's Pregnancy Should Be Fair Game To Pundits (If Not Democrats)

When Sarah Palin gave her introductory speech »9/02/08 12:00pm9/02/08 12:00pm on Friday in Dayton, Ohio, she spent a minute or two thanking the McCains and uttering various pleasantries about her nomination before launching into a several minute spiel about her family — about her snowmobilin' husband, Todd, and about her oldest son, Track, who…


When Pamela Brown and Shauna Rajkowski were married in California, they didn't go with just your tra
When Pamela Brown and Shauna Rajkowski were married in California, they didn't go with just your traditional cake-topper »8/05/08 12:45pm8/05/08 12:45pm. They went with one that said "Vote No On 8," which is the number of the California ballot proposition that would make gay marriage illegal in California. They're joining a growing movement of…

Question: How Much Did Misogyny Cripple Hillary Clinton's Historic Campaign?

While Barack Obama plays host to "spectacular" crowds across the Pacific Northwest, the post-mortems on Hillary Clinton have begun in earnest… and the verdict is that misogyny has been a contributing, if not fatal, factor in her presidential campaign. Jodi Kantor made the front page of the Times today with her report »5/19/08 11:30am5/19/08 11:30am

New York NOW President Calls Ted Kennedy A Traitor; Obama A "Psychological Gang Banger"

The National Organization for Women's New York State chapter president Marcia Pappas just went apeshit on Ted Kennedy for endorsing the "new guy," Barack Obama. "Women have forgiven Kennedy, stuck up for him, stood by him, hushed the fact that he was late in his support of Title IX, the ERA, the Family Leave and… »1/28/08 5:30pm1/28/08 5:30pm

How Does A Black Woman Feel About The Glamour Controversy? I Asked Myself!

About a month ago, we wrote about an incident at a NYC law firm involving an editor from Glamour magazine, the "appropriateness" of certain African-American hairstyles, the word "political", and some angry, offended attorneys. Yesterday, the (now-former) editor, Ashley Baker, called Moe and gave as much of her side of… »10/09/07 2:30pm10/09/07 2:30pm