Amanda Finally Proves She's In Charge Of The Paper

Last night, MTV aired the final two episodes of The Paper, and we're totally sad about it. There's still a whole semester left! Why they gotta leave us hanging like that? Anyway, it was great to see Amanda finally assert some control over her staff, specifically over managing editor Alex, who, in the final minutes of… »5/27/08 2:20pm5/27/08 2:20pm

More Disappointments For Amanda On The Paper

Last night on The Paper, the kids got ready for Homecoming. Adam (whose dance and shirt in this clip is amazing) triumphed over the football jock by winning Homecoming King. And Amanda was asked to the dance by a kid from the Latin Club, only to be let down after he got grounded and was forced to back out. Seriously,… »5/20/08 11:00am5/20/08 11:00am

The Paper's Amanda Lorber Wins Hearts, Sings Songs

We love MTV's The Paper, and its fearless editor-in-chief Amanda Lorber. FourFour's Rich Juzwiak (whom you may recognize as the hunky voice of reason from Pot Psychology) wrote a great post about Amanda that puts into words — much more eloquently than we ever could — just how wonderful The Paper really is. ("It's… »5/05/08 7:00pm5/05/08 7:00pm

The Paper's Editor-In-Chief Gets A New Nose For News

We cannot stress this enough: The Paper is the best original programming MTV has had in years. The kids are great, the drama is real (unlike some other "reality" shows on the network), and it's really fun to watch kids get so passionate about something other than the color of Lexus they're getting for their sixteenth… »4/22/08 2:00pm4/22/08 2:00pm

"Journalists Are The Most Important People In The World," Says High School Journalist

Last night, MTV premiered its new reality series The Paper, and it's sofa king good! In the brief 30 minutes we got to spend with the kids on staff at Florida high school newspaper The Circuit, it was really cute to see how enthusiastic they all are (just wait till they realize that print journalism is a dying field),… »4/15/08 1:00pm4/15/08 1:00pm