Lack of Nipple-Action Leaves Some Boleyn Critics Needing A Cold Shower

Everyone loves a good bodice-ripper, but what happens when it stars two of the most drooled-over actresses in the world and manages to keep a PG-13 rating? The film gets lukewarm reviews from blue-balled critics, which is exactly what happened to The Other Boleyn Girl. Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson play Anne… » 2/29/08 3:20pm 2/29/08 3:20pm

The Other Boleyn Girl Fashions: Off With Their Heads

Although last night's NYC premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl boasted plenty of boldfaced names from the worlds of fashion, New York society, and Hollywood, Scarlett Johannson was, strangely, nowhere to be seen. However, Natalie Portman was there, and the vegan shoe designer showed off one of her best looks as of late:… » 2/27/08 10:30am 2/27/08 10:30am