Meet Your Next Bad Date: The Intellectual Man-Child

The intellectual Man-Child, a species all too familiar to those who work in publishing, study the humanities, or frequent literary panels and their (often more taxing) after parties, is that "nice guy from your grad-school program who tries to cover up his hurt feelings by concocting a general theory that explains… »7/10/13 5:15pm7/10/13 5:15pm


The New York Times Thinks Male Magazine Founders Are Intellectuals But Their Female Peers Are Fashionistas

Congratulations to relatively new "intellectual magazines" The New Inquiry and Jacobin: the New York Times thinks you're both worthy of coverage! Well, not equally so. The 20-something female founders of The New Inquiry were deemed "literary cubs" in a November 2011 Styles section profile, while Jacobin, the… »1/21/13 12:40pm1/21/13 12:40pm