Here's That Kanye West-Saved By The Bell Mashup You Were Waiting For

This isn't like the "newest" thing on the Internet right now, but it just happens to be the thing that is cracking my shit up in particular today. Presented for your mid-afternoon delectation is the often obscene and always hilarious Kanye'd By The Bell, a "Nietzche Family Circus"-esque exploration of the thrills of… »9/19/12 3:40pm9/19/12 3:40pm


"I Have Been Wearing This Shirt For About 15 Weeks And I Have Not Needed To Wash It!"

Product reviews for this kitsch shirt are now an Internet Thing. Writes one reviewer, "You don't put this shirt on your torso you put it on your soul." In Amazon's also-viewed autosuggestion box: Joe The Plumber: Fighting For The American Dream. (Just don't spill Tuscan Whole Milk on either.) [BBC] »5/21/09 6:20pm5/21/09 6:20pm

An "internet researcher" has discovered that porn's internet reign is over: "Young us
An " internet researcher »9/17/08 7:15pm9/17/08 7:15pm" has discovered that porn's internet reign is over: "Young users spend so much time on social networks that they don't have time to look at adult sites." Whereas XXX stuff was previous the top net activity, porn surfing has dropped to only about 10 percent of searches; MySpace and Facebook now…

Back To The Future: Women Will Shop Online But Still Have Sugar Daddies

The clip above is a PSA from 1967 about the role computers and the internet would one day play in our lives. Although it's crazy how accurate the film's producers were on the whole online shopping thing, it's funny (or sad?) that, while they were able to envision a future with marked technological progress, gender… »9/12/07 11:30am9/12/07 11:30am