Political Porn

Last week, British actors Thandie Newton and Ricky Gervais were employed » 10/28/08 9:20am 10/28/08 9:20am by to add some much needed British wit to the of the political porno, . Naturally, Thandie Newton knocked such lines as "Why dontcha take yer nuts out of your little Gucci purse, grab your noodle and act like a man" and "Feast yer eyes on…

Potty Girls

Here's a little toilet humor for you: a video from The Graham Norton Show where producers put speakers in a women's public restroom [My favorite subject! -Ed.] and make various poop/fart noises as they videotape random people's reactions. However, they probably didn't have to go to such great lengths to show farting… » 5/06/08 4:20pm 5/06/08 4:20pm