Faith Website Blocks Writer From Using That Icky Word 'Feminism'

Early in January, Minnesota playwright, Presbyterian pastor and feminist Kristine Holmgren was asked to create a website for multi faith blogging network Beliefnet. "I'm negotiating 'terms' now," she announced excitedly on Facebook. Unfortunately, the negotiations have since fallen apart after Holmgren and the… » 2/08/13 4:20pm 2/08/13 4:20pm

British Feminism Is Totally Effed, Says UK Observer

The Guardian's Sunday magazine, the Observer, devoted almost every article this past weekend to the state of feminism in Britain, and the picture they paint is pretty bleak. The lead essay, by 39-year-old Rachel Cooke, claims that the gains made by earlier feminists are quickly losing ground. "Are we going backwards?… » 12/08/08 9:30am 12/08/08 9:30am