Dear Would-Be Crazy Ex-Girlfriends Of The World, Stop Being So Damn Rational

I've been thinking about Ethan Hawke singing that song last night he wrote about Uma Thurman being a "big fat beast." And John Mayer using his blog to talk about how he no longer wants to talk to Jessica Simpson since he boned her in his helicopter or something. Time for a post about crazy exes! Here's a blog post »3/19/08 5:30pm3/19/08 5:30pm

On Jemima And Imran, And Other Famous Exes We Think Still Occasionally Bone

Jemima Khan, the British socialite who does it with Hugh Grant and used to be married to hot cricket player turned Pakistani politician Imran Khan, showed up to protest Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule yesterday. "I never usually talk to press, but I am talking to press just to keep the focus on what… »11/15/07 6:00pm11/15/07 6:00pm