Yo, Barry. You're In Philly Now. You Gotta Pay Cash For Those Votes.

Barack Obama does not want to bribe block captains in Philadelphia to get out the vote. Wait, you're allowed to bribe block captains to get out the vote in Philadelphia? Why yes, it's called "street money," and like most money in Philadelphia, it is relatively scarce, which is why people trust it, in lieu of… » 4/11/08 10:30am 4/11/08 10:30am

BROKEN NEWS: Castro Dies, Brought To You By Perez Hilton

Um, we're going with "mildly alarming" if this is even mildly true: » 8/24/07 3:49pm 8/24/07 3:49pm

Anyhow, we heard his brother's been running the country and just waiting around for Fidel to die so that he can start ushering in the sort of economic reforms that had made China so lung-killingly prosperous and making full use of their cheap and…