'Miss Bimbo' Creators: "Take Care Of Your Bimbo, Nurture Her, Love Her"

Ann Curry and company over at the Today show were just as incredulous about the internet game for burgeoning skanks, Miss Bimbo, as we were. In the clip above from this morning's broadcast, two adorable English moppets named Jasmine and Poppy enjoy Miss Bimbo's "big jugs and facelifts," and the dudes behind the game… »3/28/08 1:30pm3/28/08 1:30pm


New Game Encourages Young Girls To Embrace Their Inner "Bimbo"

There's a new game in England and France for girls ages 9 to 16, and it's so raunchy it makes Bratz dolls look positively Pollyanna-ish. Called "Miss Bimbo", the game is essentially an online competition in which each registered player is given a "Bimbo" all her own to take care of — sort of like those Tamagotchi »3/25/08 9:40am3/25/08 9:40am

Are Rap Videos Turning Young Girls Into Drunken, Stoner Floozies?

Researchers studied rap videos and found that they sexualized women, placed too much emphasis on their physical appearance and treated them more as decorative objects rather than "active agents." Uh, doesn't that hold true for most of pop culture and advertising? It's so annoying how rap and hip hop are always being… »10/18/07 7:30pm10/18/07 7:30pm

'Tramps-In-Training' Author Speaks, Dodges Tween Bullets

Yesterday, we told you about one mom's struggle with finding appropriate clothing for her 11-year-old daughter, since so much of the fashion in stores seems to be aimed at "tramps-in-training." The Slate piece started a huge discussion on their message boards (and with our own Jezebel commenters!) Later, the writer,… »8/31/07 11:30am8/31/07 11:30am

Point/Counterpoint: What's Up With Lipstick For 1st Graders?

Encouraged by sales of its makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics (left) Mattel is partnering with Bonne Bell to launch a Barbie-branded, "girl savvy" cosmetics line "aimed at girls 6 to 9" (Emphasis ours). After the jump, two Jezebel editors hash over whether Barbie-branded makeup for primary-schoolers is evil,… »6/12/07 11:15am6/12/07 11:15am