The Dictator Says 'Mitchell Romney' Could Make a Great Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen's new trolling project The Dictator is about to hit theaters, and the British comedian is in full in-character promo mode. During a press conference yesterday, a reporter asked him who he'd support in the US Presidential elections, and "General Shabazz Aladeen" responded that he'd put his money on… » 5/08/12 3:10pm 5/08/12 3:10pm

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Now The Dictator

First came Borat. Then came Brüno. What could Sacha Baron Cohen possibly follow up with next? Dictators, obviously. Cohen plays the fictional North African dictator General Aladeen, who "risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed." Sounds like a riot. While I'm… » 12/14/11 5:15pm 12/14/11 5:15pm