Is Menstruation A Girls-Only Gift Or A Modern Inconvenience?

Menstruation usually sucks, except when you think you might be accidentally up the stick. But take the annoying physicality of expelling uterine tissue out of your vagina, add in cramps, bloating, headaches, mood swings, ruined underwear and the occasional odor and you've got a recipe for a major monthly headache. But… »2/05/08 2:00pm2/05/08 2:00pm


Someday We May All Be Bloodless, 60-Year-Old New Mothers

More on the issue of new technologies that delay or do away with menstruation altogether. Writing in today's USA Today, Kim Painter reports on the opposition to period-less womanhood, singling out health experts, a documentary filmmaker, and a SF-based artist who has created paintings made of her menstrual blood ("I… »6/11/07 11:25am6/11/07 11:25am