MAC Wants You To Lasso Some Wonder Woman-Inspired Makeup For Spring

  • "Since Wonder Woman has this amazing strength," explains a spokesperson, everything's oversized. Products range from $14 for fake lashes to $49.50 for "a brush set with its own metallic utility belt," and are expected to generate sales of $20m. [WWD]
  • » 1/14/11 11:35am 1/14/11 11:35am

Amy Winehouse's Line For Fred Perry Is, Predictably, A Mess

Fashion Publicist Kelly Cutrone, In Five Easy Quotes

Can it be said again that Kelly Cutrone is awesome? Perspicacious, hard-headed, and demonstrative of the hard work that goes into an often frothy-seeming job? I've often wondered what someone as smart as she is doing on reality television. » 1/20/10 7:00pm 1/20/10 7:00pm

Lindsay Lohan, Christian Lacroix, And Every Celebrity Clothing Line…

Be thankful if you still have a job: After the hell year that was 2009, a lot of fashion people don't. Many designers were fired, some were hired, and plenty lost their businesses altogether. An overview of the tumult: » 12/23/09 4:30pm 12/23/09 4:30pm