Deleted Scenes From The Book of Jezebel

Excellent news for fans of clever encyclopedias, interesting lady things and/or The Book of Jezebel: Because we were unable to cover every interesting person and thing — either because of space limitations, timing, or pure oversight — we've whipped up a batch of new entries (and some gorgeous illustrations) for your… » 11/18/13 12:20pm 11/18/13 12:20pm

The Book of Jezebel Got Picasso Baby

25 Things All Women Should Learn To Do Already

In honor of its 75th anniversary the May Esquire has a big pullout feature called "75 Skills Every Man Should Master." The premise — Magazines! Lists! — is not exactly revolutionary, and the "skills," such as practicing "brand loyalty to at least one product" and "making three different bets at a craps table" are not… » 4/25/08 3:00pm 4/25/08 3:00pm

For All Who Have Rolled Up Their Catholic School Kilts Three Or More…

Under normal circumstances I probably would not deign to ask a favor of his Holiness the Pontiff on his trip to our shores, but I was recently called to action by the news of the slow extinction of a venerable Catholic tradition that I believe to be a matter of universal concern. I know you to be a man of tradition,… » 4/16/08 2:00pm 4/16/08 2:00pm

Are You There, God? It's Your Favorite Client, Messiah Barry Hussein…

Barack Obama thinks the new Pope is hustling the opiate of the masses. But it's the opiate that kept him off his cokehead ways so it's okay! Hillary thinks the potential for life begins at conception, and that Obama is an elitist. Is it possible that the second coming of the Messiah is also the reincarnation of Karl… » 4/14/08 10:00am 4/14/08 10:00am

Do We Have The Ten Commandments Because Moses Was High On Ayahuasca?

An Israeli religious scholar and professor of cognitive psychology is advancing the thesis that the Ten Commandments, the moral foundation of the religious faith that have guided billions and billions of people for thousands of years, were revealed that fateful night on Mt. Sinai because Moses was high. On what?… » 3/04/08 12:00pm 3/04/08 12:00pm

How Do You Know If You're A Good Person?

What are morals? And why does generation after generation insist on infusing certain behaviors, whether they be eating pork or eating meat, cloning cows or cloning zygotes, driving pickups or buying Barbies at Wal-Mart, drinking or smoking, with the radioactive taint that is MORALITY? Why do the universal biological… » 1/14/08 2:40pm 1/14/08 2:40pm

Are You There, God? It's Me, Moe...

I believe in God. Why? I always figured it was because I was a Libra, and Libras crave affirmation, but they also crave balance, so some larger force needs to step in and say "you don't actually need every single one of those people to like you." What, you don't believe in astrology? That's okay, some signs are into… » 7/25/07 3:30pm 7/25/07 3:30pm