Gloucester Teens Deny Existence Of "Pregnancy Pact"

Last night, the Today show's Hoda Kotb and the hunky Dr. Drew Pinsky hosted a reunion of the cast of The Baby Borrowers to discuss the experiment, what the teen parents learned, and more importantly, the "Juno Effect" and the supposed glamorization of teen pregnancy in pop culture. In addition, some of the girls from… »8/07/08 12:00pm8/07/08 12:00pm


The Baby Borrowers: Teen Bathes, Then Bonds With Senior Citizen

Last night, on the season finale of The Baby Borrowers, the teens were given their final assignment: Caring for the elderly. Morgan — the SoCal chick who took on the role of being a single mother after she and her boyfriend broke up and he left the show — really bonded with "her" senior citizen, both emotionally and… »7/31/08 1:00pm7/31/08 1:00pm

Baby Borrowers: Fake Parents Teach Real Parents About Respect

Last night on The Baby Borrowers »7/24/08 11:00am7/24/08 11:00am, the teen parents had to deal with perhaps the most challenging task to date: Raising teenagers. One couple, Alicea and Cory, were placed with an insolent, destructive 13-year-old boy who clearly has no respect for anyone. When his mother came to pick him up at the end of the…