Pretty People Get Paid More. But Is It Because They're So Smart?

You know how pretty people always seem to get ahead for no other reason than the fact that they are pretty? New research shows that pretty people — judged for their symmetry and such — regularly outearn uglies. Well, as Charlie Wilson used to say, "You can teach 'em to type, but you can't teach 'em to grow tits,"… »12/26/07 1:30pm12/26/07 1:30pm

The 'Other' Miss South Carolina Story, Or, Being Smart Will Get You Nowhere In This Life Exhibit LMVXI

You know how Miss America bills itself as a "scholarship program", which is why no one watches it and it has had to change locations and television networks approximately 37 times in the past three years? Well no one encapsulates this sad dilemma with more talent and poise than Miss South Carolina! Unlike certain… »9/24/07 9:30am9/24/07 9:30am

Dear Pretty Girls Who Are Also Smart: Some Tips For Avoiding Our Antipathy

Life is easier when you're a pretty girl. Not something we needed to travel to South Carolina to figure out, right? Even among the NPR-listening Blue State set, good looks make for bigger book advances, especially (double shocker) when it comes to females. So is this the cause of any concern to Katherine Taylor,… »8/30/07 1:30pm8/30/07 1:30pm

Miss Teen South Carolina To 'Facebook' Frenemies: Victory Is Myn!

Geopolitics whiz Miss Teen South Carolina has a message for all her jealous Facebook friends and frenemies, one of whom just won the "Most Valuable Tipster" designation here at Jezebel. "I like the attention," she writes on her 'Wall'. Why? Because it provides her with a platform from which to voice her opinions on a… »8/30/07 12:15pm8/30/07 12:15pm