Which words turn up most in Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter?

Certainly The Hunger Games and Twilight are very different media experiences, but how do the YA series differ in their actual vocabulary and sentence structure? Slate put together a textual analysis of Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyer's series, alongside J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. » 11/23/13 10:00am 11/23/13 10:00am

Late-Night Texting Hurts Kids' Brains

According to a new study, texting right before bedtime may give kids insomnia and mood problems. Also very dangerous were not eating your vegetables, fighting with your sister, and backtalk. » 11/07/10 12:10pm 11/07/10 12:10pm

The Ultimate Celebrity Commencement Speech Mashup, Class of 2010

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Tiger's Sexts To Porn Stars: A Textual Analysis

Tiger Woods paramour Joslyn James just posted all his texts on her website — but what do his messages about choking, golden showers, and club sandwiches really mean? For that, we turn to our textual analysts. » 3/18/10 2:00pm 3/18/10 2:00pm

"Some Simple, Human Measure Of Privacy": A Textual Analysis Of Tiger…

Celebrities make lots of money, but in return they're forced to submit vague and confusing apologies to the media whenever they do anything wrong. The latest example: Tiger Woods's sorta-kinda admission of infidelity. Our textual analysts take it from here: » 12/02/09 1:40pm 12/02/09 1:40pm

"The Male Brain": An Analysis Of The Pop-Science Gender Piece

Men are so mysterious — how come they like cars so much? And sports? Our textual analysts examine how a typical pop-science gender piece explains the answers to these questions — in dumbed-down language our poor female brains can understand. » 7/22/09 12:00pm 7/22/09 12:00pm

Palin's Soliloquy: A Textual Analysis Of Sarah's Resignation Speech

Sarah Palin's farewell speech to Alaska/her senses on Friday seemed poorly thought-out and confusing. After three days and an exhaustive treatment by our crack team of elitist, unreal American textual analysts, it's — still poorly thought-out and confusing. » 7/06/09 12:00pm 7/06/09 12:00pm

The Mark Sanford Emails: A Textual Analysis

Last night, The State released a series of e-mails between Mark Sanford and his Argentinian paramour, a woman said to be a 43-year-old agribusiness exec. We analyze Sanford's communiques from a literary, cultural, theological, and numerological perspective, after the jump. » 6/25/09 12:00pm 6/25/09 12:00pm