Federer Defeats Roddick To Win Wimbledon Title For The Sixth Time

Roger Federer defeated Andy Roddick in today's Wimbledon finals, capturing his sixth Wimbledon win and fifteenth Grand Slam tennis title—a record that makes Federer the top Grand Slam winner of all time. [CNN] » 7/05/09 2:15pm 7/05/09 2:15pm

17-Year-Old American Pulls Stunning Upset At Wimbledon

17-Year-Old Melanie Oudin of Marietta, Georgia, currently ranked 124th in the world of women's tennis, pulled an upset at Wimbledon today, knocking off Serbia's Jelena Jankovic, one of the top ranked tennis players in the world. » 6/27/09 2:30pm 6/27/09 2:30pm

Making Faces: Crazy Grimaces The Beat Costumes For Wimbledon

Forget whites: the style must-have for the professional clay-courter? A range of expression Stanislavsky could only hope to emulate. » 6/23/09 7:00pm 6/23/09 7:00pm