Former Teen Mom Bristol Palin Is Very Upset That Washington Teens Can Get IUDs

Bristol Palin, scion of Sarah Palin, seven months pregnant in an “I got ahead of myself” situation, is mad about birth control. Specifically, she is mad about Washington teenagers having access to low-cost, long-acting, reversible birth control like IUDs. OK, Bristol. Let’s do this. You really want to do this?
»10/09/15 11:20am10/09/15 11:20am

Tell Us What Sex Ed in the United States Is Really Like 

It’s hard to talk about sex education in the United States. Not just because conservative protesters try to prevent their local schools from teaching it, but because–as John Oliver pointed out last month in a spot-on segment of Last Week Tonight–lesson plans in US schools are wildly inconsistent, varying dramatically… »9/15/15 11:05am9/15/15 11:05am

Bobby Jindal Cut Planned Parenthood Funding, Blames Them for Teen Pregnancy and STIs

In a radio interview Wednesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal blamed the state’s high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections on Planned Parenthood, saying they’re evidence that PP is “awful at what they do.” Under Jindal, Louisiana cut millions from the family planning budget. Jindal also signed… »9/10/15 6:40pm9/10/15 6:40pm

'Visibly Pregnant' Girls in Sierra Leone Banned from Attending School

Sierra Leone's Education Minister has announced that school-aged girls who are "visibly pregnant" won't be allowed to attend school, take their exams, or associate with non-pregnant students. A top education official has suggested that having pregnant girls in class would "encourage other girls to do the same thing." »3/30/15 11:30am3/30/15 11:30am

The U.S. Gets a 'C' For Reproductive Rights, Which Seems Generous

For the third year, the Population Institute, a D.C.-based think tank that promotes access to family planning, has released a report card on the state of reproductive rights in the United States. Depending on where you live, things are bad to mediocre, with the country as a whole getting a 'C' grade and 15 states… »1/09/15 12:30pm1/09/15 12:30pm

Teens Are Having Fewer Babies Than Ever. Chill Out About Twerking.

Freaking out about teen girls having teen sex is as American an institution as packing one's overtaxed colon full of heavily processed meats during football games. But reality paints a different picture than the pearl-clutching; for the severalth year in a row, all that sex teens are supposedly having due to TWERKING… »9/06/13 5:00pm9/06/13 5:00pm

Kids Finally Learn to Put a Bag on It, and Teen Birth Rates Drop

Following trends from the past several years, a report released Thursday by the Center for Disease Control indicates that all those crazy anti-teen pregnancy ads might be working, because the rate of teen births dropped 25 percent between 2007 and 2011. In case you'd like to go visit those teenagers and give them a… »5/23/13 11:30am5/23/13 11:30am

Chicago is the Latest City to Tackle Teen Pregnancy with Weird Ads

Faced with a teen pregnancy rate that's reported to be one and a half times higher than the national average, the Chicago Department of Health decided that they needed to do something drastic. So they took to the subways with an ad they knew would be controversial, because that's what cities are doing about teen… »5/20/13 6:00pm5/20/13 6:00pm

When Women Have More Control Over Bearing Children, Their Lives Are Obviously Way Better

A brand new and obsessively thorough review of scientific literature has revealed — and you'll probably want to brace yourselves — that having procreational autonomy is "crucial" to a woman's social and economic advancement. Not only that, but, since women pretty much account for half of all the people, when women can… »3/22/13 10:00am3/22/13 10:00am

Thanks to Birth Control in Schools, Teen Pregnancy Is Down 27 Percent in NYC

This is big news; birth control in schools is really working. It makes sense because lots of teenagers want to screw like bunnies, but not reproduce like bunnies. And that's a good thing, especially for girl rabbits. You know, the ones who often have to ignore or delay other goals to raise the litter. Or, er, child. »2/08/13 12:40pm2/08/13 12:40pm

Thanks to State Budget Cuts, Pregnant Teens Aren’t Getting Enough Educational Support

According to a new report from the AP, pregnant teenagers are being seriously let down by a web of uneven education support programs that have been decimated by funding cuts in states such as Wisconsin and California. Though many public schools insist that they cannot afford "costly support programs," those programs… »11/23/12 3:00pm11/23/12 3:00pm

New York City Launches Plan B Pilot Program in 13 Schools, Only Some Pearl-Clutching Ensues

The New York City Department of Education is implementing a particularly progressive pilot program in 13 schools across the city — students as young as 14 at those schools will now have access to Plan B emergency contraception. The program is part of a wider effort to lower the rate of teen pregnancy, as some 7,000… »9/23/12 10:45pm9/23/12 10:45pm

Safe Sex and Teen Pregnancy Score Some ‘Product Placement’ Spots on TV

Product placement on TV doesn't always have to be that awkward moment, say, when a meth-addled character wakes up in the morning, putters into the kitchen, opens the pantry, grabs a box of Honey Smacks, holds it so that the viewing audience gets an obstructed view and announces, "Gotta have my Smack...s" [Laugh… »9/06/12 11:55pm9/06/12 11:55pm

The U.S. Still Leads the Developed World in Teen Pregnancy Because American Teens Don’t Know How to Use Condoms

Despite an encouraging decline in teen pregnancy, the U.S. still lags woefully far behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to teenagers not really knowing how their reproductive organs work and consequently using contraception incorrectly (or not at all). »8/19/12 8:10pm8/19/12 8:10pm

TLC’s New Teen Mom Show Might Not Be Quite as Exploitative as You’d Think

A new iteration of the teen pregnancy television genre is premiering tonight on TLC, and it might not be quite as exploitative as you'd otherwise imagine. High School Moms focuses on the lives of girls enrolled in Denver's Florence Crittenton High School, which, according to 9News, is a little unique in that it boasts »8/12/12 10:15pm8/12/12 10:15pm