Parents of Teens Grudgingly Submit To Their Awkward BF/GF 'Sleepovers'

When I was a teenager, which I like to think was not that long ago, there were no one-on-one co-ed sleepovers, although I do remember a whole lot of drama over a handy given at a New Year's Eve slumber party while everyone else was sleeping. (Not by me.) Nobody even thought to ask. (Not that I was hanging out with,… »8/10/13 1:04pm8/10/13 1:04pm


Are Pharmacists Lying to Keep Teenage Hussies Pregnant?

A new study has unearthed something in the world of pharmacy more depressing than filled pediatric cancer-fighting prescriptions that never get picked up: it appears that across the country, pill-dispensing professionals are giving teenage girls misinformation about the morning after pill's legality and availability.… »3/26/12 2:15pm3/26/12 2:15pm