Julie Chen Swears She Didn't Get That Nose Job You Assumed She Got

After admitting on The Talk last week to undergoing eye enlargement surgery at the behest of a racist Dayton, Ohio TV studio back in '95, Julie Chen has clarified that she has not had a nose job. Any difference you see above is due to expert contouring, witchcraft and wizardry. » 9/19/13 9:00am 9/19/13 9:00am

Top That!: Teen Witch Gets a Musical

Well, this is wonderful news. The Groundlings in Los Angeles are performing Teen Witch: The Musical, what's no doubt gonna be a hilarious re-telling of the greatest movie ever stolen from my teenage dreams and made into reality. » 1/21/13 11:00pm 1/21/13 11:00pm

"Look At How Funky He Is": The Best Teen Witch Rap Tributes

We're not the only ones who love Teen Witch's "Top That" rap sequence. The scene has spawned tributes from the likes of Alia Shawkat, Andy Samberg, Kenneth The Page, and the Totally Rad Show. » 5/14/10 6:20pm 5/14/10 6:20pm

Teen Witch: Feathered, Ruffled, Locker-Room-Dancing Splendor

There is no feminist subtext to Teen Witch. No class critique. Instead, this poor woman's Sweet Sixteen spiked with witchcraft should be remembered for its inexplicable yet splendid song-and-dance sequences. » 5/13/10 4:20pm 5/13/10 4:20pm

30 Rock Keeps The Fake Rap Trend Alive

Anyone who watched 30 Rock got a special surprise from Kenneth the Page: a performance of the fake rap classic, "Top That," from the movie Teen Witch. The supersonic clip is after the jump. » 1/10/09 1:45pm 1/10/09 1:45pm

Halle Berry Will Suffer In Black And White In Frankie And Alice

Ever notice how many female characters are "suffering" in Hollywood films? "She was suffering through a break-up," "the character was suffering from an abusive past," "she will play a woman who is suffering through cancer," et cetera. It seems like whenever writers want to throw some "depth" into their scripts they… » 4/18/08 6:00pm 4/18/08 6:00pm