British Schoolgirls: Now More Violent Than Ever!

Although the number of youth crimes has dropped overall in Britain, girl crime has risen by a quarter since 2005, reports the Guardian. New research from the Youth Justice Board shows that the types of misdeeds most often committed are theft and petty violence. English psychiatrists are trying to figure out why these… » 5/15/08 9:30am 5/15/08 9:30am

The Meanest Girls At School Are Often The Most Popular

A recent story out of Florida concerns six teenage girls — cheerleaders — who lured a former friend to a home where they beat her for 30 minutes while videotaping the entire act. They wanted to post the footage on YouTube and MySpace; according to the local news outlet in Orlando, a girl's voice can be heard on the… » 4/08/08 12:00pm 4/08/08 12:00pm