Suze Orman Gets Milk • Teen Plots Murder For Breast Implants

• Personal finance adviser Suze Orman will star »9/29/08 5:30pm9/29/08 5:30pm in a new slate of "Got Milk?" ads that will be focusing on the economic benefits of buying and using milk. • In Iraq, the agal, or headband commonly seen on men, carries and is considered to be part of a man's personal identity, with size and color denoting a man's…


The Meanest Girls At School Are Often The Most Popular

A recent story out of Florida concerns six teenage girls — cheerleaders — who lured a former friend to a home where they beat her for 30 minutes while videotaping the entire act. They wanted to post the footage on YouTube and MySpace; according to the local news outlet in Orlando, a girl's voice can be heard on the… »4/08/08 12:00pm4/08/08 12:00pm