NYC Saves America's Youth by Raising the Age You Can Buy Cigarettes

In a measure that surely made Mayor Mike Bloomberg cackle with glee, the New York City Council voted to raise the legal age people can buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 Thursday. In the continued war on smokers in New York, the Council also voted to raise the minimum price of a pack of cigarettes and passed other measures… »10/31/13 11:30am10/31/13 11:30am


Will Britney Grovel for America's Forgiveness? Should She?

  • Rumors are flying that Britney Spears might appear on Sunday's Emmy Awards to apologize for her performance at the VMAs. WTF? What does she have to apologize for? She gave a shitty performance, she didn't go on a racist tirade or run over a crowd of schoolchildren. Britney, babe, don't let those assholes convince you…
  • »9/14/07 1:00pm9/14/07 1:00pm