Speculative Cabinetry Redux: Clinton, Geithner and Richardson To Come On Board

  • The word is, again, that Hillary Clinton has been offered and will accept the Secretary of State job. It might not happen until after Thanksgiving, officially, though, because Obama announced he's rolling out the economic team first on Monday. [NY Times]
  • Some people are a little concerned about who else she might…
  • » 11/21/08 7:30pm 11/21/08 7:30pm

Hillary Clinton To Be (Or Not To Be) Secretary Of State?

Forget all the old white guys you've been hearing about (John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, or, technically Latino Bill "McGrabbyhand" Richardson), Hillary Clinton is the new name to surface in Obama's supposedly secretive hunt for a Secretary of State. Should she stay in the Senate, or should she go to Foggy Bottom? I mean,… » 11/14/08 10:00am 11/14/08 10:00am

The Vatican: Vote Against Abortion Or Be Damned

By Vatican standards, American Catholics (and particularly American politicians) are some of the worst misbehave-ers in the world. Long gone are the halcyon days of JFK, when he could stand up and proudly say that as a politician in America, he was answerable only to his constituents and not to the Pope in Rome.… » 9/17/08 2:30pm 9/17/08 2:30pm

Why The Sad Glare Of Resignation, Hillary? Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!