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Mutant Bacteria Bio-Fabric To Change Lives, Take Over World

Scientists in San Diego say they have developed a process for making genetically modified E. coli bacteria consume sugar and "excrete" the key ingredient in spandex. This is how it starts! [Technology Review] » 6/02/09 5:20pm 6/02/09 5:20pm

Techno Textiles For Your Enterprise-Dwelling Days, Rave-Going Nights

Right around the time when I was sneaking into clubs to dance spasmodically to Binary Finary, back when Radiohead was releasing albums without any guitar, DJ Goldie was in that David Bowie movie, and everybody was wearing really absurd pants, I would have totally seen a market for light-up clothes. » 5/29/09 2:40pm 5/29/09 2:40pm