St. Petersburg's Anti-Gay Law Could Ban Talking About Tchaikovsky

The governor of St. Petersburg, Russia has signed a law that bans "promoting homosexuality and pedophilia among minors," and the law is now officially in effect. LGBT rights activists say that even talking about LGBT people is now effectively illegal in the city. And according to ABC, "activists are quick to point out… » 3/14/12 12:20pm 3/14/12 12:20pm

Therapy Dog Production of The Nutcracker Is Awesome, Adorable

Today in things I wish I'd known existed one year ago: a suburban Chicago organization that trains therapy dogs puts on an all-canine production of The Nutcracker so successful that tickets to the event last year sold out in four hours. They're taking this year off, but they'll be back in all their adorable dancing… » 12/02/11 7:45pm 12/02/11 7:45pm