The Surprising Nuances of 'Bro'

Men, when feeling a level of closeness or kinship, will often times call each other "brother." It's nice. It's a term of endearment. It demonstrates how we are all a part of the family of humanity. It also happens to be mega unchill and thusly "bro" was born. Not weighed down by that pesky, formal second syllable,… » 6/14/13 4:45pm 6/14/13 4:45pm

Field Guide To Guys: L'Homme Fatal

The NY Observer has put a name to yet another regrettable male archetype: L'Homme Fatal. This unassuming guy will lure you in with his self-deprecating charm and flattering attention - all to fuel his romance addiction. » 12/17/08 2:00pm 12/17/08 2:00pm

Field Guide To Guys: The Modern Metrognome

It's that time of year again, when the thermometer drops below 40, and suddenly the streets fill not just with dry leaves and black ice but urban guys suddenly transformed into lumberjacks. The beards grow, the sweaters come out, and seemingly overnight, the cities are crammed with scrawny Hemingways. You know what… » 11/24/08 1:40pm 11/24/08 1:40pm