Prada Goes Into Overdrive To Control Leaked Images Of Spring Campaign

Images understood to be from Prada's spring campaign have leaked. The ads may not have undergone final retouching (we can't tell) but all signs point to their authenticity. Other sites have removed the pictures, but we believe they're pretty newsworthy! » 11/23/10 5:27pm 11/23/10 5:27pm

Lanvin For H&M Looks Surprisingly Like Lanvin

Alber Elbaz once said, "Doing a collection, for me, is almost like creating a vaccine. Once you create the vaccine, then you can duplicate it for $9.99. But see if you can create it for $9.99." Well, someone call Pfizer. » 10/19/10 3:25pm 10/19/10 3:25pm

Isabella Rossellini's Handbags Feature Animals Having Sex

American Apparel "On The Cusp Of A Total Collapse"; Every Jersey Shore