Chris Rock Wants to Know Why He Didn't Get Offered Late Show Gig

Chris Rock gave David Letterman a whole lot of shit on Thursday night's Late Show for passing him up in favor of Stephen Colbert as his replacement after he retires. » 12/12/14 11:30am 12/12/14 11:30am

An Introvert In TV Land: Finding My Inner GPS

When a producer from The Steve Harvey Show contacted me after reading a few essays I'd published in The Huffington Post about relationships and dating, and invited me to be on the show, I didn't quite believe it to be true. I'd written "Public Service Announcement for a First Date," "Is My Dating Life Doomed?" and "… » 11/14/14 2:43pm 11/14/14 2:43pm

Watch Joan Rivers Cram 30 Years of Jokes Into One Awkward Interview

Joan Rivers made her triumphant return to The Tonight Show this week and it was...awkward. She showed up late, made offensive jokes about the holocaust, Bruce Jenner and "ethnic people" and wouldn't let Jimmy Fallon talk. Even when Fallon (who is the host, Joan. He's conducting this interview!) tried to steer the… » 3/29/14 12:17pm 3/29/14 12:17pm

Kanye Talks About His Baby Joy, Totally Gets the Circle of Life

In the first promo clip for Kanye West's interview with his girlfriend's mother/the grandmother of his child that's been released where he actually speaks, West rattles on a bit about how his credibility as an artist has been altered because of his relationship with noted philanthropist and activist Kim Kardashian. » 8/22/13 2:21pm 8/22/13 2:21pm

Kris Jenner Would Like to Kris Jenner Herself All Over You

"Well imagine that," says matriarch of the Kardashians Kris Jenner in the latest promo for her talk show Kris, as surprised as you are that someone decided to give her a place to air more of her grievances/opinions/thoughts/musings. "Things are about to get interesting." What KIND of things?! » 6/04/13 12:00pm 6/04/13 12:00pm

Crazed Puppet Talk Show Host is the Most Powerful Media Figure in…

If you thought Sally Jessy Raphael was something else, wait until you get a load of La Comay! The puppet on top of a person is the star of a talk show in Puerto Rico, where's she's known for asking hard hitting questions and is said to have the "power to make or break someone." » 10/19/12 9:30am 10/19/12 9:30am

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke for His Shitty Attempt at…

Rush Limbaugh has pulled the "but I was just joking card," charged it up with his Gambit powers, and hurled it at the national media, issuing an apology to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke after calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute" in his lilting talk-radio falsetto. Here's Limbaugh's full statement: » 3/04/12 11:30am 3/04/12 11:30am

Rebecca Black Makes Her Tonight Show Debut

Not long after the music video for "Friday" went viral, Rebecca Black stopped by The Tonight Show this evening to chat with Jay Leno. Good news: she's donating the proceeds from her song to Japan. Bad news: she performed. » 3/23/11 9:35am 3/23/11 9:35am

"Tiger Mother" Amy Chua Defends Herself to Stephen Colbert

On tonight's Report, Amy Chua—the controversial author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother—was Stephen Colbert's guest. The interview was a mix of funny and serious, with defenses by Chua of her parenting throughout. Here are some highlights. » 1/26/11 9:21am 1/26/11 9:21am

Sarah Palin Can't Remember Name of Tea Party Candidate

During a chat between Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly tonight, O'Reilly commented on Tea Party candidates, like New Hampshire's Ovide Lamontagne. Unfortunately, after O'Reilly couldn't remember Lamontagne's name and asked Palin for help, she too appeared stumped. Awkward video, inside. » 9/16/10 8:26am 9/16/10 8:26am

Michael Douglas Opens Up to David Letterman About His Stage 4 Throat…

Tonight, Michael Douglas visited the Late Show for a chat with David Letterman. Obviously, Douglas' recently diagnosed, Stage 4—80% chance of survival, he says—throat cancer (he began chemo and radiation this week) was the hot topic. Watch inside. » 9/01/10 8:29am 9/01/10 8:29am

Jon Stewart Mocks the Media's Ridiculous Coverage of Chelsea Clinton's…

Tonight, Jon Stewart took a minute to make us laugh at the media circus that was Chelsea Clinton's wedding. From a secondhand embarrassment-filled reel of a Fox News correspondent, to Bonnie Fuller, and more, Stewart put everything into perfect perspective. » 8/03/10 1:17pm 8/03/10 1:17pm

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This Clip Encapsulates Everything That Is Wrong With America

What happens when you take Larry King, Chris Jacobs (of The Insider, NOT of Extra), Michael Lohan, and his attorney, Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred's daughter), and put them in a segment together? Basically, the end of the world. Video inside. » 7/21/10 7:31am 7/21/10 7:31am

Christiane Amanpour To Go It Alone On New CNN Show

Diane Sawyer isn't the only TV newswoman getting her own show — Christiane Amanpour is now slated to host a talk show for CNN starting this month. » 9/09/09 9:30am 9/09/09 9:30am